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He was like a song I’d heard once in fragments but had been singing in my mind ever since.

Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha
Wednesday Sep 9 @ 02:54pm
I can only dream of doing this.

I can only dream of doing this.

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How can I permanently stay on vacation?

How can I permanently stay on vacation?

Friday Aug 8 @ 12:51am

Elizabeth Taylor, 1962.
Elizabeth Taylor, 1962.

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All I can think about is listening to records at Rooky ricardos-> You can bet my Saturdays will be formally spent diggin vinyl.

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Tales of mere existence

Today was so strange.

I’ve been watching these animation videos on youtube for years. Like early college and so fascinated by the simplicity of the drawing and the depth of words. I love them. Anyways, I was on the 38L heading home after work and this guy gets on: tall, long hair mixed in with gray strands, big bright eyes, and a well put together dark ensemble in a simple way. I did a double take and realized he was the man behind the thoughts he drew out. Years and years I had been watching and I just felt this wave of excitement. Like I uncovered some big dark secret, I had the key to the lock, I solved the puzzle. This total A-ha moment and I had to contain it, because that’s the kind of woman I am. So I sat there big-eyed staring him down like a hawk, thinking what I would say to him. It all sounded stupid in my head so I just gawked him like a maniac. I got off the bus and thought of a way I could look at him through the window and do it that way. Oh no, he got off and walked right behind me. Like the whole universe was begging me to do it, like setting up this platform. He’s not a mega celebrity he wouldn’t have flourished an ego he would may be  feel honored, even recognized for his work. But the coward I am, I sat back and watched him over my shoulder. How brilliant he was like why wouldn’t I speak to him and take a piece of his mind along?

I get mad at myself when I do shit like that.

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The dead weight of adulthood is really taking its toll.

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