Working a second job. Change just feels so fucking good though.

Although I’m exhausted and out of my comfort, just filling up time.

Working myself to death, I worked 15 hr saturday night. This new job is making me laugh. A lot. I was lured in by the idea of this, and damn bikram was giving me so much energy I felt invincible last week. Now I don’t even have time for that, which sucks because it was the only thing making me happy.

Anyways, everyday I go home feeling differently about it. I feel like we are in this cold windowless basement or “the red headed step child’s room” as I like to think of it. A lot of strong personalities, I’ve never worked in a cocktails environment, just different from what I’ve done. I wish I was a server those people make tips and wear way better outfits. One guy was reminding me of such a Tyler Durden, and then yesterday he comes in saying how he beat up a guy hurting a woman on the street. Swoon.
People just got me laughing here. In a good way, all very endearing.

I plan on rewarding myself here. Either a Hasselblad or a trip to Bali/Austrailia/Paris/Jamaica/London, ooow London. Ok something along these lines.

I’ve just been in this black hole for so long, I need a boost.

Monday Mar 3 @ 02:59pm